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lilyallenstills's Journal

Lily Allen Stillness Community
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1-Animated icons are not allowed.
2-Blending is allowed.
3-Don't publish your icons before the announcement of the results.
4-Your icon must fit livejournal requirement.
5-Your icon must be made for the challenge.
6-Use the pictures provided.
7-Entries posted after the deadline won't be accepted.
8-While posting your icon include the icon's URL.
9-Entries would be screened and anonymous .
10-İf you don't obey the rules you'll be disqualified fro the challenge.


1."Stillness Community" what's that?
It’s a type of icon contest that
quebelly came up with. Frankly she got tired of seeing mediocre animated icons win over well designed still icons so she decided to create a contest where animation wasn’t allowed. Since Buffy was her thing she created buffy_stillness, which was the FIRST stillness community on LJ.
2.How do I enter challenges?What and Why do I enter challenges?
You post icons fitting LJ standards with no animations.You make an exclusive icon with the provided images and post it as a comment to the challenge's post you're participating.When the challenge's over your icons will be voted.Then the winners will get banners and feedback for their icons, thats why you enter and also it's FUN :)
Any other questions? Message mrsinlove

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